Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chalk Up Another Reason to Resist Factory Farmed Eggs

Wright County Farm in Iowa, one of the country's largest egg producers has declared a VOLUNTARY recall of 228 million eggs that spanned 13 brand names. The states affected ranged from California, Colorado, and Minnesota.

Some of the brands to look out for are Lucerne, Albertsons, Farm Fresh, Lund, Ralphs, amongst others.

It only makes you wonder to what extent the damage is that this producer would voluntarily pull their products off the shelves as to avoid a PR nightmare (they already have one on their hands now). It honestly gives me the creeps.

The eggs have tainted shells and can potentially cause an epidemic of salmonella due to the cramped, unsanitary conditions of factory farms. The FDA fails to regulate the state of these "farms" that treat the animals more like units of production and in turn subjects the public to fall vulnerable to grave illness.

It is up to us, the community to keep ourselves aware of these situations and not support these atrocious practices not only towards animals, but to our health.

The best way to avoid this and to also in turn support your local economy is to buy directly from farmers who preferably only raise cage-free, free-range, sprout or grass fed livestock. This way, you personally know the source you are buying from, are avoiding the ingestion of harmful hormones and antibiotics, along with supporting the happy, humane life of a sentient living thing.

Please be conscious and spread the word.

With Love,

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