Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Buffalo Bill and Onion a Million Soon to Hit the Shelves! And More!

It has been a few very exciting few weeks here at Rawk-n-Roll. We have been fine tuning recipes, taste testing, and experimenting here in the kitchen. At long last we have found the perfect blends of savory herbs and spices that will be sure to pique your epicurean curiosity! Onion a Million and Buffalo Bill are now finalized in their formulations and are beginning to be sent out to smaller stores in the near future to be stocked. As for Whole Foods, you can look forward to seeing the new flavors in the upcoming months. Hold on to your hats!

 Needless to say, we are all thrilled to see these flavors come to fruition that began with our fans voting!

Here are some teaser photos for you...
Onion a Million fresh out of the dehydrator! 

Packaging fun!

To clarify for those of you who are new on the bandwagon with us; Onion a Million is our sour cream and onion flavor and Buffalo Bill is our new hot, spicy Buffalo Wing Style flavor.

Some more sneak peaks...

Buffalo Bill... And our Cynthia in the background making sauce!

Kim and Angie pulling Buffalo Bill off the sheets :)

You can look forward to photos being taken of both of these new flavors for our Etsy and our Rawk-n-Roll sites:

They will be included with our 3-pack discounts we have in effect and our case discounts! Feel free to stop by either shop to place your order. I know that I am personally loving the variety that we are further integrating into our kale chip family :)

In other news... we got a special treat at the kitchen the other day, heirloom tomatoes to take home! Check out the evidence!
Gorgeous and Delicious!

Until next time!

With Love and Dissent,

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  1. Nice post! I love that pic of me and Angie laughing at you doing funny voices. :)