Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Snackies Got Featured!

Top o' the mornin' to you all out in the blogosphere! Today I was pleasantly awoken to read a message from Sarah, a fellow blogger who had stumbled upon our Etsy shop and was inspired by our Monkey Bites. She featured them in a piece she wrote which is aptly named, "Snack Attack." Fitting as our Monkey Bites are addictive and can be eaten on the run in your favorite trail mix, on their own, or even as a cereal in the morning with your favorite milk or milk-esque libation!

Check out the blog, and read it for yourself!
Yes Teacher Craft Blog
And a link to our Etsy shop so you can see for yourself (and maybe grab some munchies of your own!)
Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine's Etsy Shop

Monkey Bites Photo: a la Jewell

In other news, it was Ariane's birthday last night and we went out to celebrate at, Street, a restaurant out here in LA. I personally had to revisit the heirloom tomatoes since mine are since gone. Delightful and light, with a nice balsamic dressing. Savory and simple (since sweet doesn't quite apply for this situation). We finished up with a thai tea variation of creme brulee. Yum! Happy Birthday Ariane! Keep up the good work at Rawk-n-Roll! We all love you and your food ;)

Stay posted as there may be a fun and interactive announcement in the works in the next day or two!!

As Always, with Love and Dissent,

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